Monday, July 19

1 Step Closer?

More news about research, treatment etc:

It's yet another disease modifying drug to slow down progression - still no cure, but research has moved in leaps and bounds since i was first diagnosed.  There were only 4 drugs available to me at the time, soon patients will be able to look at scorn on specific drugs because there will be so many on the market.

In other, i'm anaemic!  not sure when that happened or why!  Oye!!!  the good news is that i went to give blood the other day (my all time favorite thing to do) and they gave me my walking papers and refused my blood.
WOOHOO!!  boy was i happy...being stuck with that needle is NOT my idea of fun.  It's [ ] <--- that wide; i swear! 

there's always a silver lining somewhere... :-)


  1. I have struggled with anemia at different points in my life and iron tablets never seem to work - try liquid chlorophyll -it is awesome and doesn't have the side effects iron pills do. Although it will turn your mouth green. They even recommended it to my dad for his chemo-induced anemia.
    I played with it a bit and I think I settled on 1 tsp every other day.

  2. liquid chlorophyll? i will look into it...i wasn't happy about some of the side effects of the iron pills that the nurse mentioned.

  3. I took mine at night so by the am the green-ness was gone -I also learned to sort of take it like a shot to keep it off my lips. If you decide to try it -go for mint flavored.

  4. Alli G (BAHS)22 July, 2010 21:42

    Hey I've been anemi all m hate takin iron vegies on't take iron with won't work!