Tuesday, July 6

Things Went Well

Everything went well on Friday; nothing to report except that apparently i really do have tiny, rolling veins.  STEUPS!!  This time, I was stuck twice, in 2 different places, and then stuck AGAIN because they couldn't get blood from that vein...go figure!  I was able to enjoy the weekend altho it started off shaky with that ass raping that Germany gave Argentina in the World Cup match on Saturday morning. 

I've never seen another MS patient suffering like me with walking troubles.  Any time i go to see my doctor at the MS Center, other patients are either walking normally or at the other extreme and are in a chair/using a walker etc.  I've never actually seen someone walking slow or dragging their feet or anything like i do - until last week Friday.  The chick was much worse than I ever was; it appeared that her legs were totally stiff and unbendable.  She didn't use any walking aide as far as i can tell, but when she was leaving the infusion room for good, she held on to someone to leave.  I AM LUCKY!  I don't think i can say it enough...I can't imagine what she must go thru regularly - of course, i don't know if she walks like that all the time or if she was having a bad day - but imagine walking (or trying to at least) and ur legs just don't corporate with u and ur knees refuse to bend!  WTF???

I've said it before, I'll say it again, MS really is a shitty ass disease!

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