Friday, August 13


People can be nice!

The other day i went to FedEx.  It was a kinda rough day in the sense that I was ah lil unstable and shaky for most of the day.  I think i know why, but that's a story for another day.  Anyhoo, so I park in the spot right outside the store and sloooowwwwwllllly make my way in.  It was a glass door so the FedEx woman could see that something just wasn't quite right.  Anyhoo, i get in there and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.  (those close to me know that i do EVERYTHING online - i haven't a clue how to act/what to do in a post office/fedex place/ups; any of those kinda stores - the other day a postal worker told me that it's because of people like me the post office is going out of business - but as usual, i digress).  Anyway, so she actually brought me the forms that i had to fill out instead of making me walk across the store to collect them.  I was extremely grateful.

I left the store and had to go meet a friend for dinner.  As i pulled up in that parking lot, i noticed that i had a message from an unknown number (those who know me well, know that i NEVER check messages - unless it's from a number i don't recognise - could be Ed McMann (sp?) saying that i win the millions).  Well, it was the FedEx woman, app. I'd left my work ID I went back to FedEx, but this time I had to park further away.  well...wha yuh go do!  so i get out the car and start making my way to the store...she saw me thru the glass door and motioned to me to stay put and she brought it out to me.  I swear - i really could have kissed her :-)  I thanked her for calling and esp for bringing the ID out and she looked at me and said, "i hope u'll get better soon".  Of course, I gave the obligatory "i'll be fine - thanks" response but in my head i'm thinking...I can only hope!

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  1. there are still a lot of nice people around, i thank her for being nice to my niece who I think pushes herself a little to much.Hope your days are better now.roms