Thursday, August 12

My "Condition"

i hate when people automatically assume that because i say i can't do something or I won't that it's because "of your condition".  i was talking to my aunt last nite and we were talking about long distance driving.  I said that the only place i drive to is Charlotte because it's only 3 1/2 hrs away and even that is a stretch.  she said, "yes ur condition blah blah blah".  she's not the first one with whom I've had this exact conversation to say this.  The other person kept insisting that i shouldn't do it blah blah blah...the truth is that i don't drive anywhere because i can't stand to sit in a car for that length of time!  I too old for that shit!!  back in the day, we would jump in a car and drive to NY and Miami at the drop of a hat....u cyah pay me enuf to do that crap NO MORE...everywhere i go, i fly!

Now don't get me wrong.  I know that there are some things that i shouldn't/wouldn't do "in my condition" - u won't hear of me signing up for a 10K anytime soon - but i know what those are and i know my limitations.  There was a time ago when i said "to hell with it; I'm doing it" but those days are long gone.  My "superhero" days are over!

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  1. I feel ya!! Of all people, my boyfriend likes to make comments about "my condition" to me. Sometimes I just want to slap him silly... you'd think if ANYONE is aware of "my condition" it would be me!! Ugh!