Wednesday, September 1

The New Drug


Not sure if i have figured out the last pill as yet. 
  • Sometimes it makes me sleepy (altho not as much as the first time) other times - nothing
  • the past 2 days, it's been making me dizzy (only for a few minutes), before yesterday - nothing
  • Once or twice, it made me feel kinda sick (again only for a few minutes) - but that's only been once or twice

Sheeeiit - i just don't know.  As usual, is it helping?  who the *^*!! knows.  i thought it was at first; now? not so much.  i was supposed to take 1/2 a tablet for a week (started 2 weeks ago) and then increase to a whole one.  Needless to say i'm still taking 1/2 because I'm a little afraid of what an entire 1 would do..more to come i suppose...


  1. yeh, so far I not liking this new one eh!

  2. What exactly is this new one you speak of?

  3. i'm taking Zanoflex now - can't remember the official name of it.