Friday, September 10

Cane...Food for Thought

So when i went for my infusion, 1 of the nurses saw me and asked me where was my cane.  She seemed to remember me coming in with a cane before.  When i told her that I didn't use one, she said that maybe i should look into it because it would help me keep my balance.  what's "funny" is that i'd written about my thoughts of using one the day before and then i go in and she's telling me that it will help me.  I'm still not convinced - i'm still a little afraid.  I'm thinking it's one more thing that I'll have to "keep track of" when i'm walking and that could end in disaster.  maybe it's also my pride?  maybe it's that i'm scared because again - the progression - canes might lead to other walking aides which could eventually lead to a permanent chair.  Of course there's always the bright side...i could get a "cool" cane; maybe different colours and styles so that i have options depending on where i'm going...

i swear it's getting harder and harder to keep my positive attitude about this disease. 


  1. Hi, I know exactly what you mean, I also have MS and have used a cane before but as you said: "i could a "cool" cane; maybe different colours and styles so that i have options" is the right way to look at this instead of taking the risk of falling and hurting yourself.

    Take care and be well,

  2. Well, Stax, if you get a cane... you have to get a pimp cup and a cadillac to go with it. You know, just to complete the look. At least you have that to look forward to.....

  3. I think that you would rock that cane with style... you might make everyone want to run out and get a cane... just sayin'. I think you'd rock it.

  4. thanks K! :-)

    Dion i can always count on u for a good laugh - LOL!! we all had a good laugh at your comment.

    Aldez, thanks for your comment...i know u're right. The alternative of falling and hurting myself really shouldn't be an option.