Friday, September 17


Part of managing my MS is all about routines - and I suspect that goes for all chronic diseases.  Altering old ones, creating new ones and even *gasp* deleting some old ones...

  • Eating breakfast - won't bore u with details but I've had to change my morning routine before heading downstairs to work
  • Getting ready to go somewhere - again, no details necessary, but i've had to alter my "getting ready" routine
  • Setting alarms to take meds - everyone always knows when it's 5pm and 9pm on a weekend now
  • Waking up at 1 am to take a pill - every morning, the alarm goes off; it's gotten to a point that sometimes if I'm asleep before that, i actually wake up without the alarm.  Luckily they're small enuf that i don't take them with water - 1 time i swore that i'd taken them; i felt them go down and the next morning i woke up and they were in the container smiling up at me
  • Partying on the sidelines - i doh fete like i used to (jes a whole lotta limin) but when i do,  i usually shy away from the wine and enjoy the music more than anything (love to hear music LOUD) and live vicariously thru everyone else
  • Walking around with a chair - never know where we might end up and there is no seating for me 
  • For the first 5 years, i had to figure out the best time to take my daily shot so that i wouldn't forget altho up till the time i stopped, i still kept forgetting...good thing i have to go in for the infusion
it's really about knowing my limitations/what I can and cannot do, altering some things to not put myself at risk...and if I try to do something that I know I shouldn't, being prepared to deal with any consequences.


  1. Hope it gets easier as time goes by...

  2. yikes the waking at 1 am is rough. Doesn't that mess with your sleep rhythms?

  3. it used to but now i'm just used to it...i don't like it, but what can i do..

  4. lol! so funny and true! I always know when it's 5:00 and 9:00 :)