Wednesday, September 29

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Most times when I go for my infusion, i see the same people.  That only makes sense since it's supposed to be done every 4 weeks; so we are all on the same schedule.  Every so often tho, I will see a new person or 2.  So this last time (once again only stuck once - WOOHOO!) there were a few people who actually walked/looked like they were suffering from the same symptoms (y do i ALWYAS have to use spell check with this word) as me.  They say that misery loves company, and i am really beginning to totally understand how true that really is.  of course, on the flip side, there was also a woman in a chair...oye!  Now this woman had been there from 11-2:30 because they were "trying to get a good vein".  They eventually had to send her home to come back some other time (didn't macco (be nosy) well enuf to know when) because after 8tries (and letting her rest in between) they gave up...WTF!!!  hopefully i'll never have that experience.

i was looking at my feet the other day and it dawned on me that the veins there look perfect (to my trained by the internet eye).  Don't know if i'll ever muster the strength to go there (is that normal) but they appear to be bigger and more prominent than those in my arms/wrists.

The nurse who'd spoken to me about using a cane at the infusion center was so very excited and proud of me because i had actually gotten 1.  She noticed it right away and told me that i'd made a good choice and i won't regret it.

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