Tuesday, October 12

Tropical "Strain"

I am convinced that my strain of MS is tropical and hates the cold weather (0r maybe just Atlanta)!  Went down to Miami this past weekend and not that i didn't have issues, but i certainly didn't struggle as much as i do here sometimes.  I'm going to have to move to FL...it's already been cold a few mornings here - it's time for me to go into hibernation.

i actually used the cane everywhere i carried it - i'm getting used to it now.  Took it to all the fetes, even took it on the road.  Of course, i can no longer play mas, but K is a good friend of the DJ for one of the bands and arranged for me to be on the (music) truck.  I lasted the entire day on the road - cane and all - and had a blast!

not the truck i was on, but u get the picture

I was actually having 2nd thoughts about going on the road, but i'm really happy that i did, even though i got ah lil emotional when the band crossed the stage.  Not being able to play mas and really enjoy myself in a carnival fete are 2 of the things that REALLY upset me. 
  • We go to a fete and i have to siddong (sit down) most of the time - that SUCKS!
  • We play in a band and i have to ride on the truck and not be on the road - that SUCKS ASS!
but!  I will look on the bright side of things - i can go and enjoy myself in my own way, besides which i don't think that any of my friends will allow me to stay home!

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  1. dam skippy...i say as long as you are mobile yuh going