Tuesday, October 19

My Trini Atlanta Family

Anyone from Trinidad will tell u that there are Trinis EVERYWHERE.  U go to the Mars, it go have some (there will be a) Trini limin,drinkin and fetein with the aliens!  So i came to Atlanta and eventually fell in with the Trinis here - of course.  They were an older crowd (adults!) so all of us - they referred to us as "the students" or the "kids" - liked to go to their homes, eat good Trini food (u know a student's staple is Ramen Noodles, not to mention the culture shock of dealing with various new dishes in a new country) , sleep in a nice comfortable bed (not the dorm room lumpy single bed) and enjoy that "home away from home" feeling.  It was also good to get away and lime with people who "talk like me" and don't ask if we "swing from trees" in Trinidad - it happened, I swear.

So I've known some of these people for a long long time.  In true Trini style, there are a few "aunties" and "uncles" and some of them know me well enuf to have seen me "grow up".  Anyhoo, i was diagnosed in 2005 and as I'e mentioned before, if you looked at me, u would never know that there was anything wrong.  Anyhoo, as time went on, it came out that i have MS...well u know, not much is known about MS, so i'm not sure if it really sank in. 

Last month, 1 of the Trini associations organised a bus ride to a nearby casino.  At the time i'd already gotten the cane, so we both boarded the bus.  I found out afterwards that seeing me walking with a cane was a blow to alot of them - it actually brought a few to tears.  I ran into 1 couple last week Friday and regardless of how much i told them that i don't want them to cry for me because i was okay, the husband eventually told me to move away because seeing me again was hard for him.

It's really touching and i can understand how it can be shocking to some - esp if they haven't seen me in a while, but i really don't want anyone to cry for me - at least not now :-) - because even tho some things have changed, i really am okay!


  1. It must be hard to see yourself as others see you when there is such a huge disconnect with your truth and reality. ((hugs))

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