Monday, October 18


Those are 2 different types of MS: 
  • RRMS - Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
  • SPMS - Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Most people at onset are diagnosed with RRMS.  This form manifests itself by the patient experiencing "flare ups" that last a few months and then eventually everything just goes back to normal (like nothing ever happened) - case in point, in 2007, 2! years after being diagnosed, for 7 months of the year, i had double vision and a feeling of being high and no motor skills (amongst other things) - wasn't cool at all and then jsut as quickly as it started it stopped and things went back to normal.  If u ask me, that really was the only MAJOR flare up i ever had.  There hasn't been another time when things were crazy for any length of time and then nothing.  Now, don't get me wrong, my feet/arms tingle (like that feeling just before a limb goes to sleep) off and on and a few other things, but nothing major - at least in my book.

Most people diagnosed with RRMS eventually develop SPMS.  This is charachterized by a progressive worsening of symptoms - which may or may not be accompanied by flare-ups.  I have a feeling (what with my medical degree and all!) that i have developed SPMS.  I have had no flare-ups since my first one - i lie!  i had 2...2 years prior to my being diagnosed, my vision did something odd and no one could figure it out.  that lasted some months as well and then things went back to normal.  My walking has gotten progressively worse over time and again - no flare ups!  I used to hope that the walking was a flare up but I've pretty much given up on that now.

I have a routine visit with my neuro next month and 1 of the questions for him will be whether or not i've developed SPMS (great! just *&^^* great!!!).

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