Thursday, April 22

Got Mail!

so i got the Ampyra yesterday...let's see what this shit can do!  There's been a slight change of plans...I'm going to start taking it on Monday.  I decided that since no one can tell me how it will react to alcohol (altho as i've said before, the medication fact sheet does not specifically state "do NOT drink alcohol while taking this medication!), I'm going to LIME HARD this weekend and start it on Monday...that's my way of dealing.

This has nothing to do with the new treatment mentioned yesterday; i'll be taking them together.  The Ampyra has been proven to specifically improve the walking disability in MS patients, the treatment is what you take to hopefully slow down the progression of the disease entirely.

On another note, I have bitten the bullet and bought a pill organizer *GASP*.  I don't let this disease slow me down too much so i'm still limin as usual/doing my thing, but if i go somewhere, of course i have to walk with my medication (remember i'm on medication for the Spasticity too).  Now I'll have another pill as well (the Ampyra is a pill- YEA), so i got a very cute organizer thing that i can actually discreetly place in my pockets if I'm out and about.

What the?!?!?  has it really come to this???

SUCKS to be sick!!!

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  1. your box is cuter than mine. smiles,stax i've nursed MS patients and i am sure some wished that those drugs were a'rond sooner so hopefully there is a great improvement.Roms