Friday, April 2

Got the Call

the cost?

$350 out of pocket on the day and then the insurance company is going to cover 80% of the entire cost - ARGH!!!  i hate this insurance i have...i've had MRIs done before when i was with another insurance company and paid NOTHING out of pocket...SHEEEIIIIT!  guess i'll have to get over it.

THEN!  the same idiot i spoke with earlier this week who asked me about my name called back.  Now today is Friday and I'm going in tomorrow for the MRIs...she called me back TODAY and said, "now there is a $350 patient responsibility for these procedures" *yes i already know, this is only the 3rd call from u people in 5 minutes*
Chick: how are u going to pay for that
Me: *not that i think that it's any of ur business but* credit card...
Chick: So would u like to go ahead and do that now?? she serious???  Why the hell would i pay for a procedure that i haven't done yet???  these people are insane!!

Me: Can't i pay tomorrow when i get there?
Chick: oh yes, i'll just update ur file...

Oh yes u will!!!  WTF????  these people have me constantly using foul language...really????  who the hell pays $350 for a procedure that hasn't been done yet????  Am i the crazy one here?  

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