Monday, April 5

The Experience

So, have u ever laid(n?) on a flat, hard surface completely still (head immobilized by a hannibal type mask) in a cold room (thank goodness they give u a warmed blanket) for 2 hours????  That's what i did on Saturday!

What an experience...The good news is that i must have fallen asleep because when i came out of "the tunnel", i asked the technician how long i was in there and she said 2 hrs...there was no way i would guessed 2 i must been asleep longer than i thought.  I knew that i fell asleep but it must have been for a much longer time period than i thought.  Luckily for me, the noisier things get, the more relaxed i get so the more that i can sleep.  I mentioned before that the machine is very noisy - they actually give u ear plugs - so it was singing a lullaby for me each time.

At some point my head started hurting and i would shift it ever so slightly but it got to a point where it was hurting so much it was actually burning!  I guess they didn't put enuf padding behind it...i actually remember thinking, "shit!  I should never have shaved my head...if i had hair, at least that would have given me some padding back there".  Luckily, they had to inject me with a dye before taking more pictures so she was able to put more padding behind it to make it more comfortable.

MRIs are not physically painful, except when they inject the dye...but i absolutely hate to have to do them because they really can be mentally EXHAUSTING!


  1. If I had to list one of my least favorite things, MRIs would definitely make the top 3! I got smart after the first one and asked for sedation. I'm still claustrophobic as all hell, but the drugs take the edge off of it! I feel like I'm lying in the middle of a construction zone. It's very... August Rush-like. ;)

  2. I Pray that the results will be much better than you hoped for