Thursday, April 1


Being sick is a helluva ting...My MRIs are scheduled for Sat afternoon.  I'm assuming that the entire process should take about 3 hours - UGH!!!  i can think of lots of better ways to spend 3 any rate...

The hospital called me to pre-register, so i'm talking to the chick and she's going down her list of questions.  Here is an snip of the conversation:

Chick: What's ur last name
Me: Samuel-O'Brien (1 thing people up here just DON'T get is the concept of a hyphenated last's something that i will NEVER understand and it pisses me off to no end, but it's something i have to deal with EVERY *^%* time i'm asked my name AND of course, everyone thinks i'm married)
Chick: O'Brien?
Me: No...Samuel-O'Brien; it's hyphenated.  (If i'm in a good mood, i will say that it's hyphenated the 1st time i'm asked and by this time (EVERY TIME), i have attitude)
Chick: Is that an adoptive name, a legal name what?
Me: It's MY NAME!!!

WTF?!?!?  Was she really serious?  Was she kidding me???  I think that by the time i answered that question, she realized that I was pissed off and said that it was just an additional question that came up after she put in my name...I'm sorry, i really didn't care at that point, i was just insulted that she had to ask that question afterward.  What kinda stupid ass question is that?????

Anyhoo, at the end of the call she told me that someone else SHOULD call me to tell me IF the insurance covers the procedures and how much my deductible and co-pays are.  I called them back this morning to find out if that has been done yet and the chick said, "they'll call u and let u know."  I am yet to get a phone call.

I have no idea what my out of pocket expense is going to be...I'm taking bets on how much it will be and if i'll know PRIOR to Saturday when I'm at the registration desk.


  1. I know exactly where you can spend 3 hours or more. I think it would be the same place you were last Saturday, you know where they know your name upon arrival,lol!

  2. I share your frustration but for a different reason. My name is problematic as it is made up of two words, no hyphen but starts with a common letter and ends with an acute accent over the final letter. Why in the world would she think that you were adopted? Legal name? As opposed to what, your illegal name?

  3. oh boy...i can just imagine what u must go thru ur name! i couldn't believe that she asked me that question!