Tuesday, April 6

Forward Progress

I called my neuro's office today.  The prescription has been submitted to the pharmacy.  Of course there was an initial problem because my name was input incorrectly (WOW really?  I'm shocked) but it appears to be moving along.

I called the pharmacy to confirm...that chick (who of course said to me that she couldn't find me when i told her my last name!) eventually found me when she opened her eyes to look and told me that Sheila (my case manager) will call me as soon as she has confirmed my benefits with my insurance company.  She stressed that i need to give them time to confirm with the insurance company (in other words, don't call us, we'll call u)

So as usual...as with anything MS related, i'm playing the waiting game once again.

  • Waiting to see what (and how) a new symptom might present itself and affect me - my life!
  • Waiting to see if i have additional scarring on my brain
  • Waiting and hoping that my medication is actually working and slowing the progression of this GD disease
  • Waiting to be approved by the insurance company to get drugs that will help me overcome of the symptom of a disease that have (and dint ask for)
Geez!  nothing is ever easy...


  1. Well that is good news -although the waiting list is quite daunting.

  2. I can cross 1 thing off that list! :-)