Tuesday, April 13

Oh Shit!

so I called my mother last nite to give her my good news.  We're talking, just about the medication in general - side effects, how it will affect me, when will i see improvements, etc - when she says, "what about alcohol?  can u drink while taking it?"  wait a minute...i have NO idea!!!  WDH???  i had no clue...how did i NOT ask my doctor that question?  I asked him all kinds of questions and didn't ask him the most important one!!!

Now, don't get me wrong...i am no alcoholic, but i enjoy some of the finer things (vodka, caipirinhas) in life at times :-).  who doesn't?

I've called and left him a message..hopefully someone will get back to me sometime today!  Ayeyayaye!!!!


  1. Oh boy!! crosses fingers!

  2. That's ah WOW! I can't wait to hear the answer to that.