Thursday, September 20


after reading I Hate AC, H-oye emailed me and asked me if i do deep breathing exercises or anything along those lines.

Breathing - it seems simple enough right...i mean without breath i wouldn't be writing this and u wouldn't be reading it; simple right?  thing is, DEEP breathing really goes a long way to help when i find myself in awkward situations.  years ago in yoga, the instructor would instruct us to breathe using our bellies, belly breathing.  Deep breath in(to) ur belly (thru ur nose) - so ur abdomen is expanded instead of ur chest when u take that deep breath.  this is believed by some to be a healthier way to get our oxygen and is sometimes used as therapy.  well the truth is, it really works.

Anytime i find myself in a weird position or i want to calm myself down (say, after a fall and my body seems to stop working), a few deep "belly" breaths usually does the trick and once i'm calm, things go bad to "normal" and i can move again.  My "problem" is that i haven't made a routine of it.  I need to just set aside some time daily to practice OR better fete, incorporate it into some of my daily routines and just spend a few minutes breathing before and/or after i do certain things.

Deep breathing really comes in handy when i have to deal with people on the phone who screw up my name and such.  the other day i was talking to a woman trying to get an explanation of  something that had happened a few minutes before and she said, "u must be confused" and right at that point, i lost it and was bout to cuss her ass out but instead i took a few deep breaths and i calmly told her, "don't tell me i'm confused" and continued the conversation (it was MS related; had to do with my shipment of medication, so i had to get the situation resolved).  i was so proud of myself and told G when she got home that she too, would have been proud of me because it's so hard for me to keep my cool in some situations.

Anyhoo, try it some time...Deep Belly Breathing - it works!


  1. Deep Belly Breathing, I am a fan! I do yoga and after my first class I was so relaxed I couldn't believe how much more wonderful life felt after some deep breathing.

  2. Yep it works especially when I am anxious about stuff which is actually when I forget to breathe. You'd think something as simple as breathing would not be an issue but stress can really do a number on your breathing.