Tuesday, September 4

False Positive and...

i went for my "fusion/juicing" on friday and was told that they are going to retest me for the JC Virus to rule out the chance of a false +ve test.  I told the woman (in my usual pessimistic way) that there was no need to retest, in my opinion, because it'll come back +ve again- no false results round here.  steups...not sure exactly when i'm going to get the results, but anyway.

so i've noticed something that happens and it kinda scares me but...with anything that happens (more than once and) out of the ordinary, i take note and run it by whomever i see when i go in for the infusion.  i've noticed this 3 times so far - don't remember the first time it happened, but definitely took note the 2nd and 3rd times...

someone will say something to me and i think of something completely different - WTF?!?!  like i said, the 1st time it happened, i was having a conversation with G and i only remember saying to her, "oh, u said (whatever) and i was thinking (whatever)...the 2nd time, someone said, "yeah chemotherapy is not good for cancer patients" and i said, "really?" and in my mind i just didn't understand how the 2 even went together.  why?  because i was thinking of CHIROPRACTOR.  the 3rd and most recent time, someone said to me, "yeah i'm flying into Ft. Lauderdale airport because it not that far from Miami".  he clearly didn't notice the "deer in the headlights" look that i gave him (because he jes kept talking) because i was thinking, "r u a mad man, y would u fly into Orlando to go to Miami???" (for those who don't know, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami are about 30-40 mins apart where as Orlando is bout 6hrs north of both).

Friday when i went in, i ran it by Beverly (hopeful that there was no relation and it was just a fluke) and of course, it's an "MS thing".  it scares me; it's hard enuf to deal with the physical problems that i have, does this mean that it's starting to attack my cognitive thinking and i'll have to deal with that too or is this just a flare up that will last for a specific length of time and then go on its way????



  1. i have periods of not comprehending... sometimes, like you, the words don't make sense... but the times that really bother me are those in which the words sound like a foreign language. like hobbgoblin or something... nonsensical string of letters/sounds that don't make up any word i've ever heard before.... i hate it!

  2. of course u hate that! i can't even begin to imagine how scary that must be...