Monday, September 10

They Were On to Something

well i guess the people knew what they were saying when they said that, "it's the best cane i'll ever own"...i have to admit that i haven't used any of my other canes since i got it cept to go out; it just isn't snazzy enuf for me to go out with ;-)

so of course there was a reason for my last rant.  it's funny tho...after i wrote it, it occurred to me that i don't ever think of myself as "being sick" altho i guess i am.  Anyhoo, so we gearing up for Miami carnival so we have to figure out where we staying, who staying, which fetes we going etc.  and naturally, my needs have to come into play.

  • if we staying in a hotel, remember i need the handiapped room, 
  • if is a house, does it have a walk in shower?
  • where are the fetes, does it make sense for me to go?
  • how far is the boat / how big is the pier in which the boat is docked? 
  • i can go on and on...

now don't get me wrong, it's not a problem for anyone else involved (for me it is sometimes), but like i said, it's such a big inconvenience.  luckily, most of the venues have not changed over the years so we kinda know what we working with but sheeeitt - i just haven't really gotten used to having to make sure that things are in order for me - it's something that i know i have to do (and so does everyone else around me; it's just a given - noone thinks twice about it) but doesn't mean i have to like it.  

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