Thursday, September 13

Leaps and Bounds

so the the drug companies appear to be making some serious progress in terms of research..a new disease modifying drug (another oral option) has been approved by the FDA - if only they could find a cure...

i think back to when i had the conversation with the woman (wasn't my doctor) about my treatment options and she told me that i had 4(?) options that were all injections and i couldn't believe that i had to choose 1.  nowadays, patients have so many more options and can pick whether they want to endure injections vs popping a pill which is so very good.   Of course i've mentioned this before but without root cause, it's hard to find a solution.

how would they be able to cure it if they don't even know what causes it in the first place so until that happens, i'm not holding my breath for a cure.

  • am i thinking about switching? nah...i'm holding off for yet another one that was submitted for approval earlier this year.  
  • will i actually switch at that time?  don't know, but it will definitely give me some more food for thought and it'll be decision making time yet again (stay on Tysabri since i'm JCV+ or start a brand new drug) - ugh...nothing is ever easy.  
the drug is manufactured by Biogen (the same company that manufactures Tysabri) and was submitted in the hopes that it would be fast tracked for approval.  it's also thought to be more powerful than Gilenya - not sure how it compares to this new one, so we'll see.

Ah gone so...


  1. I am going to start the Biogen pill as soon as it gets approved. My neuro & i have been watching it closely. I am very excited about it.

    1. u are huh? i have a feeling that i will too...

  2. Another bit of good news from the MS drug market. Options are good!