Wednesday, August 22

The Hurry Cane

I bought a new cane...i've become a monster, yes.

so u may have seen the ads on TV...they claim that, "it's the best cane you'll ever own" - that's still out for discussion.  i got it yesterday and i have to admit that it's quite handy because it actually stands up on its own (on a flat surface) - if it's on carpet, u have to steady it first, but it will stand up - that is cool! on top of that, it supposedly pivots (to be like ur ankle when u walk) at the base.  Now, i haven't really noticed that BUT (i guess because it's supposed to do that) it has a kind of bounce that makes it ...(what is the word i'm looking for...hmmm), well anyway i like that feature.

i also got $20 off, a travel bag (it's an adjustable folding cane), free shipping and a cane strap (one of the coolest cane accessories - if u ask me) thrown in so a good deal all around.

oh, and i have a certificate of authenticity - STOP THE PRESSES!!

it's called "The Hurry Cane"

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  1. I wish this was all I needed. But I'm happy you found something to keep you moving!!