Tuesday, August 21

the TIny White Pill

so i've spoken about the pill i now call "my sleepy pill" before; it's called Zanoflex and is a muscle relaxant (it's for my Spasticity).  when my doctor first prescribed it, he told me to take 2 mgs 3X a day and then increase to 4 as it becomes tolerable - that was how many years ago and i still take 2 mgs because that shit KNOCKS me OUT!!  it's amazing just how sleepy i get after popping 2 mgs...in fact i decreased to twice a day because it would mash me up in the mornings at work and that was just unacceptable.  so...i would take it at 4pm and then again at midnite and when i took it at 4, best believe by 5 i was beppin, sometimes almost falling off my chair fus i was sleepy!

well one day sometime ago, i didn't take it at 4 for whatever reason, ended up taking it at 5 instead and guess what?  nothing happened - i didn't nod off, no close calls falling off my chair - nothing!  I thought that maybe it was just a fluke so i tried it a few more times and discovered that 5 works (guess it has something to do with my internal clock?)...so these days, I get a reminder at 5 to take it so that it doesn't interrupt my day...of course, if i make a mistake and take it at 6 - all bets are off!  LOL.

Something that's even weirder altho i've made this one make sense in my head.  On the weekends when i take it at 8 and it has no effect whatsoever on me?  i figure that's because i'm not waking up at 6something in the morning (as i do during the week) and my body actually doesn't mind waking up at 8 to start the day.

who knows?  makes complete sense to me!

teeny, tiny little white pills

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