Friday, August 24


One thing i really really miss about being away from home is the abundance of fruit that we have at our disposal.  everybody have at least 1 fruit tree in their yard - we had a plum and cherry (and not the variety u can find here either - ours better!).  i took advantage but i wish i had a real appreciation for fruit back then like i have now - i could actually live on fruit easy easy.

true story
a few of us went to Outback Steakhouse once.  we got there around 8:30ish and we eatin, we limn.  well by 12:30 when the manager started hovering around the table, we realized that maybe it was time to leave the people establishment.  we were the only ones left in the place, all the chairs were overturned on the tables (they closed at 11:00 after all).  the guy was flabbergasted to hear that "no, we weren't having a reunion or hadnt seen each other in years" (in fact we lime every weekend for the most part) but u know what we'd been sitting there talking about for the previous hour, hour and a half? the friggin fruit at home!! so many varieties, some i hadn't even ever heard of.  

Anyhoo, one of said fruit is a soursop.  boy do i love me some soursop - especially the ice-cream!  i went to check 1 of my "mothers" the other day and the conversation turned to "tea brewed from the soursop tree leaves".  Apparently the word on the streets (these days or maybe i just found out) is that this tea is better for cancer patients than chemo; some go as far as to say that it cures cancer.  hmmmmm, if it cures cancer, what might it possibly do for MS???  i did some digging around and it's supposedly an immune strengthener and has quite a few medicinal benefits, so yes, i've started drinking soursop leaf tea :-) I figure it cyah hurt, what do i have to lose?  the kicker tho is that it makes u sleepy!!! UGH!!  so i hadda watch when i drink it so that i don't fall asleep on any of the numerous calls i have throughout the day - lol

 too bad the leaves don't have just a hint of the fruit taste...

Ah gone so!


  1. I was going to say that it couldn't taste worse than babash. Then I realized that ... well, mayne babash not so bad. But, then again.

  2. hmm I am a bit of an insomniac so maybe I should try it. Liked your Outback Steakhouse story reminds me of how Trini's say goodbye. Alright well it's been fun I'm making a move now - then everybody returns to conversation. This goes on a few times before you know it you realize an hour has gone and you are still standing in the same spot gabbing.

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