Wednesday, August 3

Asshole Drivers

Indulge me...this has nothing to do with MS.

I've owned 3 1/2 cars - i say 1/2 because i didn't pay for Betsey but C&I shared her.

  • Stax 1 was written off - i wasn't driving.  
  • Stax 2 was hit by an asshole who reversed into it while it was parked.  
  • Stax 3 was hit by another asshole who couldn't drive and reversed into the parked car and then was bol'face enuf to tell me that i mustn't park in front my house (did i mention that said asshole didn't even live in the complex???) 
So yesterday, G was stopped at an intersection waiting to pull out when a jackass drove right into us.    When he came out the car, he said, "where did u come from?  where were u?"  uhmm...right here jackass.  Stopped in front of you!!!

I have NO patience for idiot drivers - NONE!!  how, how, how do u NOT see a car that is stopped in front of u?????  in times like these it's good when G is involved because a blood vessel usually bursts in my head and acc to her, I "was coming out of the car swinging!".  she's much more diplomatic and reserved than i.   I think that what really got me going is that the man hit us, i looked back and our eyes made 4 and then as if to say "bite me", he pushed the car forward a bit like he was trying to move us out of the way.  I was on my way to work out and was really looking forward to it to, so that got me going too!

Anyhoo, we are both ok...he got a ticket (woohoo LOL) and truth be told the damage is not as bad as i originally thought.  Of course, now i just have to deal with the hassle of getting it fixed.

oh the drama...

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