Saturday, August 27


whoa!  time waits on NOONE!

I went for my 17th infusion on Friday - who woulda thunk it; I can't believe it's been that long.  It was a great one too - i got stuck only once, the blood GUSHED out of my vein (unlike the usual "molasses going UPhill") and the medication took only 20 mins as opposed to an hour to flow into my body - go figure; i chalked it up as "just 1 of dem tings".  I stayed a little longer than normal to be observed afterward because 20 mins was so out of the ordinary.

Anyhoo, so i normally see a doctor or a nurse practioner before going in for the infusion and 1 of the questions they always ask is how things have been in the past month and if i've noticed any new neurological symptoms (I CANNOT spell that word on the 1st try - EVER). so i told Beverly (the nurse practitioner) about my off and on bladder issues.  She asked me if it was new to me and i told her that it has happened before, but i never thought that it was MS related.  She confirmed for sure that it was and told me that if i was interested, there were drugs that could be prescribed to help.  Before i could say anything, she went on to tell me that the drugs prescribed sometimes can make it harder to pee for some patients.

now, i didn't want the drugs in the 1st place but after she told me that, there was no way i was going to say yes.  What the?!?!?! can anyone tell me why it is that the drugs prescribed that will help one to pee all the way and completely empty the bladder will actually make it harder to pee at all?????  There is something wrong with that statement - it makes no kinda sense - AT ALL; not in any language!!!!  Who the hell are these researchers, drug manufacturers, scientists...boy would i like to have word with them!

Anyway, I asked beverly if my going along without doing anything is a problem and she said no - thank God.  As with everything MS related, I will keep an eye on it and if it starts getting worse or becoming a problem, i will deal with it need getting my panties all in a bunch for nothing at this point.

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