Wednesday, July 27


There is an upcoming boatride in NY to which i'd planned on going.  I haven't gone anywhere for the summer and i've actually been thinking that i haven't been to NY in a long time, so what the hell - this was a perfect opportunity to kill about 6 stones at once.   Now truth be told, i've been hemming and hawing about going NY because it's such a "walking" city that i am a lil afraid of going - but a few friends i've spoken to up there say, "doh worry - we will work around that; daiz no problem"...i've still been a little hesitant.

I'll only mention 1 "name" in the following story...

so G comes home one day and says, "i got a call from person and a good point was brought up, i suppose...maybe u shouldn't go on the boatride since we aren't all going...suppose something were to happen on the boat...getting u off may be a problem..."  now, i never gave this any thought, but it is a valid point...i don't put myself in situations that i know i (or my friends) may not be able to handle, but something like this?  no....never thought that IF something were to happen on the boat....then she said, "it's ur call - whatever u decide to do is fine. I asked person why they called me and not u, but there was no real reason, anyway u'll get a call tonite"  i said to myself, "self...what are the odds of something happening on the boat; it's a valid point....hmmm" we continued talking and laughed at a few things and moved on...i continued looking for tickets.

2 days later i got a text from the person that said, "we were discussing it and we think that the boatride in ATL will be better for u to me".  i read it,  got pissed off and insulted instantly and in that moment, i decided "Fuck it, i'm not going".  i responded right away with, "it's okay - i not going".  person responded with, "what? am i not worth a call to discuss?"  At the time, i wasn't in the mood.

Now...i cyah tell a reaction surprised me - i'm not usually one to get pissed off at alot of things, but i really was pissed that day.  I think it was the "we" in the text message that did it because i was thinking "what the???!!!???" I'M the one who's sick not anyone else, so why not discuss with me - i didn't care who the "WE" was.  I also got pissed because I have MS and i can't help it nor can i do a whole lot about it so again - discuss with ME not WE 0 i felt like decisions were being made for me!!!  Well i didn't call the person until about 2 days later - after i'd cooled down, we talked about it and they tried to justify it, but quite frankly, i wasn't interested.  we have moved on from the incident and i hope that i don't ever have to  be in a situation like that again because it really wasn't a good feeling - at least not for me.

this is not to make anyone feel bad or anything like that, the person already knows how i felt and as usual i'm just telling my MS story.


  1. Enjoy the boat ride to NY, sit in as safe a place on deck and write us another story of Your trip, Love You to the Max

  2. It's a awkward position to be in. But I applaud you sharing your perspective. Good for you! I'm not so sure I could have handled it so candidly.

  3. if u think of all that can happen one will do nothing. why not think that de boat ride will be great and refreshing 4 all. Roms