Friday, July 15

PT Assessment PT did an assessment of me this morning - it's been 90 days since i've started going...

i didn't test worse than i did when she did the initial evaluation (great news, i know!), but shit, is it really too much to ask to see an improvement (anywhere)????  On the scoring scale she uses, i believe i was 1 point better - in their book it must be at least 5 points for them to say, "yes, she's improved!" as far as she is concerned, i'm stable - good news, yeah, i know but shit!  i don't think it's too much to ask to see something positive once in a while.


  1. Well what do you think? Are you better?

  2. no...i really am the same. I'm off that "wanting to see improvement horse"; i'm happy that i'm stable because things could be worse.