Wednesday, July 20

+ve Attitude

I'm done with my pity party...i'm extremely grateful that i'm stable.  improvement would be nice, but stability is good news!

G and I had dinner with 2 friends a couple weeks ago.  P was running late so we were limin with H and having a good time for his birthday.  All of a sudden he said to me, "U are 1 of the srongest people i know" to which i responded, "why?".  I think i was honestly a little confused because i so try not to make the MS the center of anything.  The conversation went on and he continued that i am always smiling, never letting anything get me down and he thinks that my attitude speaks volumes...everntually i said thank you and we moved on...

an hour or so later, P showed up...good times, lots of laughter, drinks, good food and he says, "u know u are the most positive person i know".  it was out of left field (at least i thought it was) and he too commented on how i'm always smiling, organising a good time, limin hard and just generally very positive in spite of everything.

it's always interesting and "warm and fuzzy" to me when people tell me things like that.  i don't think of myself as a strong person nor do i think that i'm very positive in fact a more cynical pessimist u'll not find.   I have come to realize that i am actually dealing with the MS in the best way possible and in general i don't let it drag me down.  Back in the days when i would say "screw u MS" and do things that i shouldn't, the bad days might have reared their ugly heads more, but now that i know my limitations and don't do anything stupid, they are few and far between.

so...stability is GREAT - improvement will be greatER and i'll shout it from the rooftops, but until then I'll take stability any day!!


  1. After living with MS for a while, I think all of us, MSers, come to grips with the illness and then realize that we need to get on with our lives When we do that we maintain a silent battle and cannot let our guards down or the ugly head of the MS monster may show up. Kudos on your being so positive. You have the right attitude to deal with this thing. Be well,


  2. Hi S.S-O.
    You are wonderful.

  3. Nice read. Sounds like we all can take a hit of your spirit!
    I'm going to call you again soon!!!!

  4. Iso agree I have an allergic reaction from blood pressure medication called angioedema and it is not bad but I keep thinking of you so that I dont feel sorry 4 myself except that it is mostly on my face-smiles - so added to de gravity process this is present. sorry i cant get one of those pictures to post like u do-smiles. Roms