Thursday, December 6

November Continued

so...i got another cane.  G2 bought me a "glow in the dark" cane.  the handle and the grip are blue in normal light but then they glow a neon green in the dark - rather cool.  it also quickly became my 2nd favorite because the handle is padded and so i used it a lot - until i busted meh ass on it the other day and it bent - great!  i walked out my door and lost my balance but luckily i fell into a shrub that's right outside the door so no harm done - cept to the cane.  Steups!!!


I am now the proud owner of a spanking brand new red scooter (thanks again Learls!).  No more renting when i need one and i can use it whenever/wherever i want.  we went to the mall last week Sunday so out came the scooter.  Now, i'm not a shopaholic - i spend all my money in one store - Express.  if it's not in Express, chances are it won't get bought and i've learned to really enjoy shopping on but it was Learl's last weekend and we had some things to get so off we went to the mall.  well, in the Express store...

  • i brought down a rack of shirts, 
  • pushed 2 people and a display to areas that they weren't supposed to be, 
  • missed bursting a chain and bringing down the jewelry display by a hair (luckily Learls happened to be there and saw what was about to happen)
all the while of course i was laughing and apologizing profusely!  crazy...driving the scooter on the open road and in a store are 2 completely different things!  

alright..well as u were.  this is it for now.

hol' it dong,


  1. Is it wrong to be totally hung up on the fabulous colour of your cane. You and your scooter.....sheesh like yuh buy yuh license ...only teasing:-)

  2. Hahaha...sorry, but you a drive a scooter just like I do!

  3. You just added to the merriment and confusion of the holiday shopping season, Plus, you steer a scooter like I do.

  4. I like to see a picture of you scootering.

  5. Wizzy gyurl, clearly ah buy it eh...but i'm glad to see that i'm not alone :-)