Monday, December 10

Masque 'n Mas

Before i continue, let me publicly thank Krista for her 2nd to none introduction of me that nite...i was appalled when it occurred to me later that week that i didn't thank you on stage (gasp)!! as i said before, the nite was a very good nite...we had good fun.

My mask was handmade by Sdee and i asked her to use orange to represent the MS and all the feathers are on the right side - my stronger side - to balance out the weak side most impacted by the MS.  I've posted a few pictures below but see the full write up and all pictures here on Trini Jungle Juice.

A collage of me that was placed by the door
 My table centerpiece

 MSCA representing!
 lol!  Nige had a GREAT time :-)
 We nicknamed him "the cat man"

 I really thought that Rhoms won the "most unique mask" contest

 1st generation
 2nd generation
 U cyah really make it out, but G is in this picture
 G wasn't there in person

 Me and Sdee

 OBs, me and the photographer of the nite

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