Tuesday, December 4

I'm Back

wow!!  it's been a long long time...

November was one helluva hectic month.  OB arrived first, 2 weeks later Learls and her 3 sisters came in (can we say full house?), the masquerade ball happened, thanksgiving and then 1 by 1 the visitors started leaving - with OB and Learlyn leaving bright and early yesterday am.  i had no time off and worked right thru and just had no time to write...thru all of this the MS behaved itself - thank God!


i'm in search of a personal trainer - ugh!  my last trainer got a job in NY and moved back - i was not a happy camper but what could i do?  of course, chances are that i won't be able to find a trainer who will charge the same rate that i'd been paying so woe is me.  I really need a trainer, as we all know, so i'm on the hunt.

The masquerade ball came off without a hitch - was a very nice event and well attended too.  My mask was hand made and i asked Sdee to use orange to incorporate the MS colour.    i made my speech and actually felt good throughout the whole thing so i didn't rush (i tend to do that sometimes), i came off very confident and apparently alot of people liked it.  All in all was a good nite - some people got tite so that's a sure sign of a good nite :-)

I can't post more pictures, because i haven't been sent any yet and i only had these 2 on my phone.

anyhoo, this is it for now...be back tomorrow for a few more updates from last month.

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