Friday, December 28

New Place

we've moved...i've always said that the only thing worse than moving is finding a new place to live.  well for this move, i used an apartment finder AND a moving company so both processes were quite painless.  of course when i submitted my requirements for the new place, i included a "walk in" shower and the fella knew right away where he would send me; as it turns out, that's exactly where i am.

i thought that i'd have to be on the first floor and i really didn't want that but as it turns out, this place has a parking deck, so the apartment is actually on the 4th floor.  it's a nice place but can i just share that, i eh go lie, I'm ECSTATIC to be without stairs...leaving the house behind (we're going to rent it out) was like closing a chapter of our lives - it certainly is the end of an era - but the night that everything was moved, i walked from my office to the kitchen to the balcony to my closet jes BECAUSE I COULD :-)  It was a beautiful feeling that i really cannot describe :-) :-)

i've already christened the place - ugh and it was really odd.  i was actually standing, having a conversation with the cable man when all of a sudden i lost my balance and went crashing down - ayayaye!!  i apologised to him after because it jes happened with no friggin warning.  he also apologised to me for not doing anything because, poor fella, he didn't even realise what was happening fus it happened so fast.

in other news...i had a long MRI done on 12/18 - a cervical spine and brain - and according to my doctor (when we were talking bout my pain), "well you look good on film..." so that's good news; there's no activity/additional scarring.  he also told me that he's thinking that it might be March for BG12 (i'm not holding my breath, altho i do want to get off the Tysabri).

hope u all are having a great season; i sure am.  Nothing beats a Trini Christmas!!


  1. I am happy that you are comfortably moved into your new place, Stax. I sounds marvelous.
    Happy New Year to you.

  2. Cheers to looking good on film! Congrats on your new place and best wishes for 2013,

  3. Happy New Years to you too! Moving! It's a crazy thing, but I'm glad you found a place you like. I haven't done my research but is it for secondary progressive folks too?