Saturday, December 22

Falling Behind Again

so many things to write about but i just havent had's been a really, really busy last few weeks.

i've had this feeling in my left (of course it's that more affected left side) arm for a long time..i'm not sure how else to describe it,  but a feeling.  you know how when u hit ur funny bone and u get that weird feeling?  it's not pain, it's not an's just a weird feeling.  well that's what i've felt...and, what i noticed was that when it got more intense, that's really when my left hand would act up; it starts to clench up and not for hell could i open it unless i pry it open - great!  well, i've been living with that for a while - told my doctor of course, but as usual i just chalked it up to one of those things and there were times that i didn't even notice it (actually, i'd spoken to another MS patient once and she said that she has the same kinda thing - it's such a good feeling to know that it's not just u).  anyhoo, about 3 weeks into November the feeling became PAIN!!

oh great!  the pain felt like...u know when a muscle is about to cramp up and u jes know that if you stretch it in another direction or something, it won't turn into a full fledged cramp?  well yes thats how the pain felt; problem was that i wasn't sure exactly how to position my arm for me to get some relief.  it would happen, but it wasn't something specific that i was doing - i would just get lucky.  the pain was most intense at night but once i got into bed, it would ease up...well, i didn't do anything about it and went to the MSCA on 12/18 for my infusion.  when i told Beverly the nurse practitioner, about it, she decided to administer (intravenously) some steroids.  i was skeptical (because of course, it's steroids) but she made me feel okay about it and i must say that the pain just disappeared.  I saw my doctor later that day and he actually prescribed some more (oral) steroids for me to use if i wanted (i left for home 2 days after so couldn't go back for the 2 additional doses of IV steroids that they would normally give) but i actually didn't fill it because i've heard horror stories bout the oral drug.  MS!  gotta love it right? wrong!  but i do have to live with it.

anyway, so i'm home.  i'll probably try to post once or twice again but please don't hold me to it; i'm not making any promises.  allyuh hol it dong until i return or post again (maybe)

oh, just in case i don't...

i hope Santa brings u all everything that u asked him for :-)


  1. Merry Christmas to and yours Stax!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Stax.

    Don't believe everything you read about the steroids; they affect us all a little differently. I've had great results from them, both the IV and the oral. So never say never until you try.

    I hope the pain stays away.

  3. Merry Christmas, 2013 will be good to you, Love YA Uncle Oil