Friday, October 12


i've been trying to figure out how i can make this post short and sweet but...

anyhoo, Miami was nice altho i kinda wished i was able to go to at least 1 more fete buh say wha...lime cyah done!  we had a time and a half and like i said in my last post, i felt like i was only there for 2 days as opposed to 5 - steups!! story:

  • i think i've mentioned before that i cannot sleep in complete silence; i could be dead tired and as soon as i get in the bed if all is quiet, i'll be wide awake.  well, the room in which i was staying had no TV and so every night i was listening to my music on my phone to drift off to sleep.  well Saturday nite when i got back to the house, i didn't have my phone and i had the BRIGHT idea to take 2 sleepy pills so that i would fall asleep fast (i was going to take 1 anyway, so i figured it would be no biggie if i took 2).  my idea worked and i went to sleep.  5 hours later, my alarm went off @8am for me to take my normal set of pills (4 when i'm off) with includes yet another sleepy pill - had i really thought about it, i probably wouldn't have taken yet another sleepy pill...i went back to sleep.  about 11am that morning (Sunday), i stirred - it was time to start the day - and my mouth felt like it was full of cotton balls (DRY AS PITCH) and i was just feeling out of sorts and couldn't really put my finger on what was going on and then i remembered that i may have taken too many sleepy pills in too short a short period of time - FCUK!!  Ari and I did some research on a Zanoflex OD and i didn't seem to be exhibiting any of the symptoms but needless to say i stayed in the bed for a while longer.
  • fast forward about 3 hrs - i was feeling ok, back to normal, everything was fine.  i don't remember exactly what i was doing but i happened to look at the "Sunday" pill box and EVERY SINGLE PILL WAS GONE (all 6 for the entire day - 4 for the am and 2 for different times later in the day).  oh shit, had i taken ALL six pills that morning?  i had no idea... i was very sleepy that morning (of course) but i honestly couldn't remember what i'd done when i took the 8:00 pills.  i'm always very careful when i take them, especially because most times i'm lying down while throwing them in my mouth - WTF?!?!?
  • fast forward 12 hrs or so - 6:30 Monday morning...i woke up for 2 reasons - i had to use the bathroom and i was under the blanket and was extremely hot!  (i'll skip to the end here)  i had to take 5 steps to the bathroom from the bed and as i came out at the 2nd step, a wave of nausea HIT ME, the 3rd step?  i broke out in cold the 4th (even tho i was willing myself to just get to the bed) i couldn't take it anymore and i fell onto the bed but because of the angle with which i fell, i didn't stay on and slid right off.  i must say tho that at that point i was laying on the concrete ground and it felt so good because it was cool against my cold sweating, hot self.  i wasn't by myself in the room so the calvary eventually came in and picked me up and got me back into the bed.  By that time, i was ok and was able to drift back to sleep - whew!!
was it all related?  i don't know...i'm glad tho that all involved were there and able to help me and that things went back to normal right after.  No need to tell me that i did shit or i need to be more careful or anything like that.

like i said, this time it wasn't a funny story but all's well that ends well.


  1. Love your writing skill Stax! Glad that all ended well, sorry I did not get to see you while you were in Miami!

  2. YOu really do have some good friends

    1. yes i do!! i really can't say that enuf