Wednesday, October 24

Ole Talk Wednesday

so i've started watching AMC's "The Walking Dead" - let me just say, very good show, but as i was looking at those zombie bitches shuffle along, it occurred to me that we walk just alike.  i shoulda gone and tried out for a part as an extra (it's filmed right here in Atlanta), i woulda gotten the part.  the only thing is for some things with no brains they move really fast and for that alone I might not have gotten the job.

it's time to start thinking about hibernation - i'm already slightly pissed off because of the temperatures here.  Anyhoo, Saturday nite i went to a friend's house lime.  In fact it was while i was getting ready to go that i realized that I'm going to have to start dressing differently and it was only because of who it was having the lime that i continued dressing - anyone else and i would have kept my ass home!  he has a friend (whom i've met before) who's father has MS.  when i saw the guy, i asked about his father.  as it turns out it had been a rough past 2-3 months, although he was on the mend.  He uses a catheter and the line had gotten infected; he was lying in bed and clearly something was wrong but he kept telling his wife that he was fine (talking to the men here - u know how you all tend to be - u're not going to any doctors for anything!).  Luckily his wife decided not to listen to him and called 911.  Long story short, the infection had moved throughout his body and he ended up spending a long time in the hospital.  if she hadn't acted when and how she did, the outcome might have been much different.  we talked for a while and 1 thing that Onyx kept telling me was to "keep working out".  he peppered our conversation with that any chance he got because he'd seen what happened to his father when he stopped and just couldn't stress to me the benefits of working out regularly and consistently.

I mentioned in a recent post about my having to think things thru entirely before i do something.  well one of the things that i NEVER think about that i really need to is my "juicing" appointments.  I bought a ticket to go home for Christmas the other day and it was only AFTER i bought it that i realized that i'd probably need to go in for my medication on the same day *gasp* - surely didn't thinkTHAT thru entirely did I???  i've come up with a solution that i hope will work.  going in on friday and will find out then - fingers, eyes, toes, legs all crossed because i not trying to hear that i have to change my ticket!

alright, as u were - i gone so.  hope u all have a GREAT day!

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