Monday, October 1

A lil Bit of This, a lil Bit of That

well...i went in for my infusion last week and the results of the 2nd JCV test came back and i'm still positive (no surprise there (on my part)).  I also had my regular 3 month MRI and was told that , "i'll look at it and if i see anything amiss, i'll come find you"... noone came so i guess it's safe to assume that everything's okay - i'll call tomorrow to confirm, just in case.

The masquerade ball in November is moving along nicely; in fact i had to do a short promotional video for it - pure kicks; was a lil movie set complete with teleprompter, props, a gofer and a cameraman - too funny. now, i have to start working on my speech about which i'm so excited, i cannot contain myself - NOT!!!  I'm deathly afraid of public speaking of any kind.

Courts came to see me last week - we had a great time and while we were sitting in the infusion room, he coined the term, the "OB Shuffle"to describe my walking.  One of his reasons was that i always talk about how slow i walk - "if i walk any slower, i will stop" etc, so his reasoning was that so whomever i say it to can retort to me that shuffling is supposed to be slow so GET OVER IT!!  HMPH!! (yes, i tend to say it a lot) :-) alright alright

Heading to Miami carnival on Wednesday nite, so hopefully, as usual a good time will be had by all (we are really looking forward to it this year) and i will be without incident.  everything's been calm for a long time so hoping that that trend will continue.

what else...what else, i think that's it for now; nothing else to report - oh i got stuck 4X on Friday in case anyone's curious - can't wait for BG-12's approval and availability (word on the street is December).

alright, so ah gone so...

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