Monday, October 29


so went in for my infusion on Friday...

good news!
  • guess at some point i lost track of things...i was already scheduled for my infusion on 12/18 and i'm leaving on 12/21, so there was no need to get my panties in a bunch last week about my travels.  That day will be an extremely long day at the center - i have to have an MRI of my neck AND spine (it'll take about 2 hrs (read FOREVER) oh goody, can't wait), the infusion and then i go to see my doctor for a regular 6 mth check up.  1st appt is at 10:30 and the last is 3:45 - can you say all day in there?  ugh!!!
not so good news...
  • apparently word on the street is that BG 12 won't be available until summer 2013 - "great"...we have to wait even longer now.
other news...
  • my veins are acting up again.  there's a new nurse in the infusion room and try as she might last month, she couldn't get to one.  so friday when i entered the room, i looked at her and said, "ready for me?"  i was actually joking because i knew that she probably would be just as unlucky this time around.  well i guess she likes a challenge because she came over - "great"!!  well after the 2nd time, she gave up and decided to call in the big guns!  now Anita always gets it on her first try (no problems), but not this time, she had to poke around before the vein finally gave in and caved.  i'm so ready for BG12 it's not funny.  

and wouldn't you know it, when i got home, i looked down and there was a vein so big and large (well as large as mine get) bulging and staring up at me and laughing like nobody's business!  STEUPS!!

I'm asking Santa for bigger veins this Christmas!

Hol it dong...


  1. Well, thank goodness for the nurses who can FIND the veins. I, too, have tiny rolling veins. I always warn them to get a pediadric needle, or a baby specialist.

    I have found that being well hydrated helps a lot. Have to research BG-12 more. I hear there are problems (side effects) with Gilenya. Will BG-12 be any better?

    Good luck on your day of appointments!

    1. yes being hydrated does help a whole lot - i thought i was hydrated enuf but clearly i was wrong!

      the BG12 is supposed to have minimal/more tolerable side effects - definitely not as bad as Tysabri and/or Gilenya.

      someday in some lifetime some hero will come along and create a drug with no side effects, wouldn't that be great?!?! :-)