Thursday, October 18

Miami: The Good

Funny...Miami carnival is really not about the parade - it's about the lime and the parties!

pump yuh cane and "jump" 

Gyal Bend Ova
so we limin in the back yard (the house was on water's edge) one day - 4 of us and the conversation went like this:

M:  ooh, ooh, do u see it?  right there ... not sure what it is but right there in the water
A:  well we in FL, so it might be an alligator
L:  well if it's an alligator and it comes right up here, we can all run fast and go inside....well, at least 3 of us will get away!
Me:  HAHA!! u not funny...i'll beat it off with my cane - none of allyuh could do that

anyhoo..this is how we do!
Before boarding the boat and setting sail...
After boarding the boat,  party hype...

this bugger (on the left) always chainin up people to do shots!!!

last nite of rhell limin
latah Miami...till next year!

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