Thursday, July 10


It certainly wasn't my plan to stay away this long...smh! I have so many things to tell u, but I'll start with Atlanta carnival and "fete of the year" since that's where I left off. So cooler fete has lost its "fete of the year" title...that honour now goes to "Sunday Morning". It's the (you guessed it) Sunday of memorial weekend and starts at 8am. Wow! BESS FETE!!! It was in an open park-like area this year and at first, I was worried bout using the Soca Scooter (name given by B to the scooter) cuz of the grass but everything was fine.  I'll continue going to cooler fete because...well that's jes what I do, but it definitely has lost its appeal. Yes, it was shut down AGAIN this year altho apparently it was because of a fight or something so. All I know is that the music stopped and people started leaving, plus it was cold no ass that night (in FRIGGIN May!!!! (it's outdoors)), so there really was no reason to stick around. Steups!

Something happened that night and it's something that I've noticed here and there. Anytime I go to a party in the Soca Scooter, I lime on the outskirts so I'm not in the middle of the crowd. There were tents along the perimeter of the place and we were liming under one. Of course, regardless of where I am, people will walk by and 8/10, someone will walk into SS (and throw down my drink - GRRRRRR) and then look down and walk around.  Well this time, the gyurl walked into it and it was like she got vex that she had to walk around.  It actually was a few of us standing there at the time and when Raj reacted, I just knew they would come to blows. I heard her scream, "she's in ah fcuking scooter, where u want her go?"  LOVE my friends :-)

I also stuck to my decision and stayed home on parade day - honestly? I surprised myself; I didn't think I'd do it. From all accounts, I didn't miss anything so I believe that's it for me and Atlanta parade.

The weekend in pictures…

Cooler fete…see my jacket?  in MAY!!!
Soca Scooter
I'm taller than them :-)

Masquerader #1
Masquerader #2

Bussin ah wine in Sunday Morning
Us @ Sunday Morning


  1. where is the rest of my sister's clothes eh?

    1. haha…that's ur sister! she actually have on plenty!