Thursday, July 17

Side Effect?

World Cup started June 12th so the 14th I sat and watched 4 football matches and what did I do on June 15? Sit and watch 3 football matches - oh and ate lunch and dinner in between.  So there was no way that I could NOT notice that I'd been feeling fluttering in my chest the whole weekend. What the?!?! As with anything MS related, I started monitoring it.

  • Let me take you back a few years. I used to tell G (I'm older) that 35 is the magic number. At 35, my body started nudging me (MS aside) and saying,"aye!  Settle down. I not as young as I used to b yuh know". That's when bones started hurting and joints started creaking. She laughed me away because you know, i talking shit. Eh heh? At 35 her heart palpitations began! She got it checked out and all is good but...

What the hell? I was getting heart palpitations that lasted about 6 secs every so often all day long!  It felt like somebody had a feather and was running it along the inside of my chest. Now if u remember, I had bout 50 EKGs before and after my first dose of Gilly. The heart is something to watch while on it. Great! Was I experiencing something as a result of my taking Gilly? I really didn't want to but I made the call - remember I not trying to hear that I hadda give up Gilly...I didn't hear that. Whew! Luckily nothing else was also going on at the same time - no dizziness, nausea, nothing so (i'm guessing) that's why the nurse at the MSCA told me to continue taking Gilly and go to my PCP.  

I went in and...u guessed it! Another EKG!!  good news - it was normal but just to be sure Dr. J wanted me to wear something called a holter for 24 hours - it monitors heart activity. I did, he got the results (I assume)...I haven't followed up :-(  The way I figure, no news is good news. The doctor's office ALWAYS calls when there's a problem right? Ok ok I'll call later - I promise.

k…so maybe my body didn't look exactly like this but u get the picture
Btw, I wrote this last nite...the last time I felt a palpitation was last week Friday nite and before that? Not even Friday during the day so I haven't a clue.

It's all good man :-)


  1. Doh study. Plenty other Brazil supporters was palpitating too!