Wednesday, March 26

The 1st Dose

I had to be at the urgent care facility at 7:30 am on 3/14. 

It's "normal" for the first dose of Gilly to slow ur heartrate down considerably, hence the reason for the EKG prior to going on it. I guess it doesn't make sense to go on it if one has a weak heart right?  Anyhoo, I suspect that's also the reason that I had to go to an urgent care facility to take it. 

The nurse came at got me around 8ish and led me back to my own private room that was furnished with a TV/DVD player (and movies), comfortable looking chair (wasn't comfortable AT ALL but i made it work), a fridge, a gurney (I coulda lie down and sleep I suppose), snacks...what else? I'm sure there was something.  Then she explained how i'd be spending my day. First thing on the agenda? Another EKG (I spoke to someone on the phone Friday who asked me if I'd had an EKG...I told her I'd had a million) then the doctor would come in to watch me take the tablet (he said, "they say I have to b here when u take this tablet) and I'd be monitored for the following 6 hrs.  The first hour after taking it Julie (her name was Julie too) came in the room every 15 mins to take my pressure and pulse while seated AND THEN repeated the process while standing. After the first hour, for the next 5, she came in every 1/2 hour! At the very end (bout 2:30), guess what had to b done!?! You guessed it...yet another EKG!

I have to admit, that was one of the fastest days; the time passed so quickly - it was time for me to go in 2 2s. I figure is because Julie came in so often - who knows. Also, I was completely normal for the entire time. I believe there was some fluctuation but nothing out of the ordinary. So...all in all, I have no complaints about Gilly. I came home that afternoon with 13 pills (a starter pack) and I've been ok ever since - no dizziness, light headedness, nothing. I placed those pills in my "am" slot because I take those tablets religiously (I'm not the most compliant for the pm) and if I miss any of those 13, I'll need to go thru the 6hr monitoring again - NOT HAPPENING!

UPDATE:  i published this this morning and completely forgot to take my am pills today - HAH!! so much fir taking them religiously eh... just took them at 1:32

The next step?  Call my specialty pharmacy to setup the monthly regular shipments. 

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