Monday, March 24


It would be ridiculous if no progress has been made since my last post eh.  

So let's see... I came back after that glorious week in the heat and sun and had no choice but to deal with sh** (I gave up cussing for lent - every time I let something slip, I hadda give up 25c - I've improved but I'm poorer than when i first started).  I started making all the calls...I won't bore u with details, but things actually moved along very smoothly in spite of my doctor's nurse's insisting that they didn't have the results of my eye test!  Ugh!! I guess the MSCA is so big, that there are different fax numbers? So the eye place was using the wrong fax number. I wasn't stressing. As far as I was concerned they could do whatever the heck they wanted until 2/25 when I was going into the MSCA and dr. Gilbert needed to okay me for Gilly.

2/25 came and I went in...took the day off because I also had to have an MRI (was kind of a day of reckoning if u will). Well...ALL good news :-) 
  • The eye test was enough to get me started and I was good to go
  • My MRI is "clean" and shows NO PROGRESSION
Truth be told, I was kinda enjoying not being on an MS drug...maybe I felt like I could pretend that I was disease free? Who knows but it was time to go back on something I guess.  So...the next step was to talk to Julie (the Gilly nurse who called me first. She is extremely nice, helpful, pleasant, all those kinda words altho she does call me "Stacey Samuels". Never in my life have I ever been called that; it's always Stacey O'Brien but I digress) and her team to schedule the first appt. 

Oh! How could I forget...I was given the option to get a chest X-ray instead of the stupid TB test so I went to an urgent care facility and got that done in 1/2 hr on the night of 2/24!

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