Wednesday, January 29


Well. I went to Sears Optical Saturday. She shone all kinda light in meh eyes and supposed to send the results to the MSCA at which point I'll find out if I have to go to an ophthalmologist and have something else done *Sigh*. Why is nothing ever simple? I did speak to Julie yesterday (the Gilly nurse who called me first) and she confirmed that there's not a specific ME test that needs to be done so I might be ok...time will tell.

The TB I went on Sunday to a CVS Minute Clinic, paid my $39 and got it done. I was instructed to come back in on Tuesday after 3pm or Wednesday before 3pm. I planned to go back in on Tuesday...well u know what they say bout the best laid plans. As it turned out, I'm starting in-home PT in a couple weeks and a nurse was to come here on Tuesday too so I thought,"ooooh. If she can read the test, I doh even have to go back to CVS". I called her, she could do it. I was in business.  Cept that Tuesday was the day that Mother Nature decided to unleash her fury on Georgia (it was 2 inches of snow which in GA might as well b 2 feet).

  • The first thing that happened? The nurse called to reschedule. She'd been sitting on the highway parking lot for 2hrs. 
  • Then I spoke to G; she too was sitting in traffic and ended up taking 4hrs to get here. I kissed that $39 goodbye because I knew that there was no way I'd get the results. Wednesday is supposed to be less cold but I know that the roads will still b a mess so I won't b out there...I HATE fcuking winter!
  • (btwtoday is Wednesday - some people still stuck on the roads in accidents and all kinda shit (now reaching home since midday yesterday) - steupsEVERY year, atlanta goes thru this crap - the officials doh learn?????)
I'm heading home on Friday...will be back on 2/8.  I'll deal with everything when I get back - I'm thinking hot thoughts and dreaming of a glorious week in Trinidad - I have no time for MS or Gilly.

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