Tuesday, January 21


I like small cars! I've been told that I drive like a bat outta hell. I prefer to think of my driving skillz as aggressive, adept and able to hold my own on the road. I like small cars and prefer to drive them. Stax3 is a 2 door civic coupe and well…you've seen how big Stax3.25 is. Love my car - it's so easy to zip in and zip out when I need to.


  • Whenever the parents are here, poor things, at least one of them has to fold up herself to get in the back seat. If G and I are in the car then they BOTH have to squeeze up dem ole ;-) bones to climb in the back - not cool. 

  • When I'm by myself I cyah use the scooter because even tho it can b easily dismantled, I can't do it by myself (I know that this has nothing directly to do with the fact that the car has 2 doors) so clearly I need a car that can hold an "un"dismantled scooter. 
Ugh! Stax4 was supposed to b a deep red g35 coupe but that dream is no more. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I'll probably need a bigger vehicle (that's so NOT my style AND i don't like anything big) so that I can potentially drive the scooter in and b on my way. It's in my "to do" list for 2014.   I'll probably need to practise driving before I get on the road; Stax3 can get into so many little spaces.  

MS - 1, Stacey - 0 

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