Friday, January 17


Well whadouknow. My phone rang on Wednesday and when I looked at the number, it was all 0s. Hmmmmm?!? I answered. It was a chick named Julie looking for me and wouldn't u know it, she was a gilenya nurse. Really? So quickly??anyhoo, she was calling to get me started on the drug. Wow! Results haven't come in yet, but someone is actually calling ME to get shit moving along? I was impressed.

Julie confirmed all the necessary shit to make sure she was talking to me and then asked what I'd gotten done and when. I told her that as far as I knew I was only waiting for the blood results and that was it.

  • Right? WRONG! 
All the peering the doctor did into my eye blinding me temporarily Friday? That wasn't the eye test that I had to get done. Found out I actually have to go get a Macular Edema test...woulda been nice if someone had told me that. Geez!! She said that I could call my regular eye doctor to see if they'll do it. Good. That'll save me some heartache...well. Turns out they don't do it so I have to find somewhere that it can be done. Steups!

The next bomb she dropped on me? The MSCA requires a TB test before I get started. Wait...the MSCA? The place I was just in??? Did anyone tell me that??? Nope! So now do I have to go back there to get that done??? FCUK!! The thing bout the TB test is that they inject something under ur skin then u have to GO BACK in for them to look at it to determine if u have it. I can read the damn thing myself. Steups! Well I left a msg for my doctor's nurse to call me back so I can find out if they need me to come in or can i go somewhere else for that TB test. nothing is ever easy/smooth sailing

I asked her about the waiting period between the 2 drugs and interestingly enuf she wasn't aware of any but she was going to find out and call me back on Thursday.'s now Friday

the nurse at the MSCA has NOT called me back…I just hung up from Julie.  turns out the waiting period between the 2 drugs is 2-4 weeks.  i stopped tecfidera last week wednesday…so, just have to get the 2 tests done and i'll be on my way.


  1. Sorry about the run around Stax.

  2. Oh, how annoying. But, hey, you got a call; that's progress, right?!