Tuesday, July 15

Follow Up Visits

Soon after Atlanta carnival came and went, I went to the MSCA for my "3 month" check up. I swear I can give anyone of you a neurological exam (and I won't even charge as much as the doctors do). 
  • Follow my pen with ur eyes only, don't move your head
  • Squeeze my fingers
  • (While seated) Push up ur thighs while I push down
  • Push out ur knees while I push in etc. etc.
Anyhoo, I did good. I think I've mentioned on here before that individually, my muscles work and test great.  Put them all together to do one simple function and it all goes to shit!!! Anyways, my disability hasn't worsened since last year this time (that's a lie, i swear my left hand is curled up all the damn time) altho I'm much more dependent on my cane, sough! What has happened with the cane is that times in the past when I fell and didn't have it, I'd start using it to do whatever/go wherever when I fell. So now, I'm using it 100% of the time - dunno if that's a good or bad thing.  I didn't really expect improved walking ability with Gilly per se but I was hopeful - oh well. I haven't had any flare ups of the disease (nothing out of the ordinary happening) so looks like it's doing what it's supposed to.  I head for an MRI in September cuz Dr. Gilbert wants me to be on it for at least 6 months before we get one. No additional lesions anywhere will confirm that Gilly is working. We talked again about Lemtrada because he thinks that I'm a great candidate for it;  it was submitted again to the FDA in March or thereabouts   An approval is not expected till the end of the year or so, so we'll see. 

I also went to see dr. Ray at Sears Optical because that's another thing that I now have to keep up with (being sick is a bitch!). Have to make sure I have no signs of Macular Edema. Well she did her thing, she told me that everything looked good and she was going to send the results to the MSCA.  Have I followed up to make sure they got it? No. In fact that only occurred to me as I typed the question. Heeheehee...guess I should do that. 

Anyhoo, so that's it for all my "things to take care of after being on Gilly"as you were - i gone so.

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