Monday, August 4

My Disability

I always just measured my disability by my struggles with walking; I never really thought of my hand as a contributor. It only dawned on me the other day (when I wrote this) that "wait a minute, the fact that I can't use my hand as I want to is a disability too". I swear I never thought about it before - call me stupid, but it is what it is - go figure! We do this thing at home - If u ask someone to do something for u, the person can look at u and ask, "wha'am? Yuh hand pok?"- essentially, the person is asking if something is wrong with ur hands that u cyah do (whatever) for yourself.  Well, I can actually answer with a resounding "yes" if anyone says that to me. 

Like everything else that i have going on, it's my left side and it happened over a period of time. I actually remember the conversation I had with Learls when I told her that "something is going on with my left hand now".  Pity tho, I don't remember when it occurred. Anyhoo, at the beginning, I would notice it kinda curling a little when I walked and even more so when my legs got fatigued. Then, it became really bothersome especially at the end of the work day because of all the typing I did - that's when I got the Dragon software. 

  • Side note: I actually type with one hand quite easily in this new position.  I'm no longer developing reference material.  Now, I'm in numerous spreadsheets, so it's easy to just use my right hand but I do use Dragon when necessary. 

Well, these days, it's curled up tight on a regular basis, like curled up shut; in a kinda fist if you will. Now, I can pry my fingers open (with my right hand or sometimes I can actually open it up) and use the hand (somewhat) but it's as if its natural state is to be curled up in a ball - my PT has given me exercises to strenghen. As with everything else, I have no pain so it's just more a pain in the ass than anything.  It definitely contributes to my disability tho (how did I not think so before? Who the hell knows?). Try and do ANYTHING with ur hands while one is curled up in a ball. Go ahead, I'll wait

pain in the ass right?  Ugh! Have I ever mentioned that being sick sucks??? :-) 

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