Tuesday, December 10


I talked about traveling with my scooter the last post buh we talking traveling again...

So they let me drive the scooter all the way to the plane door. They treat it like they would a stroller so I get a little claim tag to hang off it. I drive it down the ramp, park it there and then they bring it whenever we get to the destination right back in the same place so I just walk off the plane and ride away.   It's great...and remember that time a while back when they changed the gates on me and the rude ass delta gate agent asked me if I cyah walk? With the scooter, I can just ride away and leave her ass in my dust :-)

But of course, there are cons...I actually do feel a little more pressure after I park it. I think it's because I'm by myself so the air hostess has to realize (or made aware) that I need help (the other day I swear the ramp was bout 2 feet lower than the plane so my step into the plane was lil problematic) to come help me. And of course, u can imagine how well my body works when I under pressha! Ugh!!! Walking off is always better than walking on because I'm so much more relaxed. 

The other thing that I don't like about it is going thru security (only in the kissmehass winter). During winter, is boots, jackets, scarves and everything else you hadda put on to try and get warm...all of which hadda come off. Fuckin-A!!! Well I've started putting on a sad poemeone kinda face and begging not to take off my boots (I will surely miss my flight if I had to spend time putting them back on) and when I was heading to TX for thanksgiving, I kinda manhandled a man to help me with getting the security bin and maneuvering out of my jacket (I was very nice). He had a badge so I knew he wasn't a passenger and he was extremely helpful...but the point is that had I a chair, the attendant would have helped me with all that.   

But...all that is small ting. I really hope that my experience with any other airline is the same. I was concerned about different airports (because Atlanta's is one of the best when it comes to accessibility) but so far so good.

btw...I typed this on my phone using the Blogger app.  It's not as frustrating as Dragon altho it's a little more work but at least the stupid white border is not there.  Ah gone so!


  1. I declare, I will never bitch, moan or complain about the hassles of airline travel ever again. Right when I thought security was a pain, I hadn't consider security under MS.....pressure.

    I eh able with the blogger app nah, I tried it one time but I couldn't wrap my brain around composing a blog post from a tiny 4 inch screen.

  2. I'm still laughing at: "With the scooter, I can just ride away and leave her ass in my dust"