Tuesday, December 17

Day of Reckoning

I go to Dr. Gilbert today. Times like this, I wish I were a kid again - my parents would have to make the decision for me. Steups...being an adult is overrated.
  • Do I tempt fate and go back on Tysabri?
  • Do I try 1 if the other oral drugs available?
Additionally, going back on Tysabri means that I'll hadda come up with at least $3,000 for out of pocket costs. GRRRRR!!!  I really am torn tho. I eh go lie. 

Go back to Tysabri 

  •  i know what to expect or do I? Just because I had a good experience before, does it mean I'll have another good one? 
  • More money
  • Proven to improve disability in most patients 
  • Shots - having to find my non existent veins
  • buh AA…how i forget this before???  (updating with this after i published) high risk of contracting the fatal brain infection that does appear and u may not even know
New Drug

  • Have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to expect
  • U have to b observed for 6(!!!) hours the first dose because it completely slows down ur heart rate (will slowly go back up (hence the 6 hour observation period and generally go back to absolute normal within a month)
  • Oral (once a day)
  • May improve disability


  1. Jeeze talk about a six ah one half a dozen of the other kind of choice:-/ I honestly do not how you will deal with the frustration of having to make such a choice but my prayers are with you that whatever you decide it will work out for the best.

  2. Are those the only two drug options for you? It does sound like a really tough decision...good luck.